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Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lock re-key?

Re-Key a lock is basically changing the key on a lock to a new key.
The way to do that is going to be by dissemble the lock of the door so we can get to the cylinder, the minute we have the cylinder in our hand we can now start with the re-key. Most customers will be Re-Keying their locks for various reasons  you just purchased a new house or apartment or moved into a new one and you don’t know who still has a copy of the keys realtor, construction people or previous owners. When buying new locks you can ask for "key alike" locks set and have all of your home locks using the same key so you won't have to carry bunch of keys with you. That option of key alike locks can apply on your own old locks by re-keying your existing locks to the same key, there is only one term that your locks have to stand by and that term is that all of your locks that you are wishing to re-key have to have the same key way, meaning same lock brand. Re-key a lock is cheaper than changing a lock and it keeps unwanted people outside.